Street Department


Street Division Head - Myron McCarty 
Rick Andrade 
Curtis Fisk
 Justin Mills

Frequently Asked Questions

When are roads plowed?
 Anytime there are 2 or more inches of snow. 
Do we plow driveways?
Unfortunately we are not able to due to liability restrictions. 
Street Sweeping Schedule:
We sweep as weather permits. Please stay back from sweeper, as it may cause dust or rocks to fly. Please do not park vehicles in street. 
How do I stay informed about future road projects?
Contact City Hall or Street Dept. Manager Myron McCarty. Projects will also be posted here. You can also sign up for text alerts. 
How can I report a pothole?
Potholes are repaired when they are free of ice and water. Please contact City Hall @ (208)-679-8158. You can also submit a work order online. 
How do I find out about road closures?
Road closures will be listed on the website, we will also hang door tags to homes that are directly affected.