November 24, 2008 Special Council Meeting

 Special City of Heyburn Council Meeting Minutes

November 24, 2008

5:00 P.M.


Council Present:

Cleo Gallegos, Dee Ray Bailey, Rocky Baker and Leann Smith.

Employees Present:

Scott Spevak, Deb Hopkins, and Steve Tuft.

Visitors Present: None.


Meeting Conducted by Mayor George A. Anderson.


Discuss/Revised Page 3 of the BPA Contract. 

City Attorney Steve Tuft explained the changes in the BPA Contract on page 3 which included reference to independent counsel.  Motion by Dee Ray Bailey to approve signing the BPA Contract with the revised page 3.  Second by Cleo Gallegos. Vote: Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Dee Ray Bailey - Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye; Leann Smith - Aye.


Meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm. 




George A. Anderson, Mayor




Deborah F. Hopkins, Deputy City Clerk