April 9, 2008 Council and Annexation Minutes


 City of Heyburn Council Meeting and Annexation Hearing Minutes

April 9, 2008

7:00 P.M.


Council Present:

Cleo Gallegos, Dee Ray Bailey and Rocky Baker. Mayor Anderson and Leann Smith excused.

Employees Present:

Linda Dayley, Scott Spevak, Earl Andrew and Steve Tuft.

Visitors Present: George Warrell, Sven Berg, Ralph Martini, Jon Anderson, Don Chisholm, John Walsh, Ardella Miller, Warren Miller, Ken Lebsack, Rose Schmitt, Susan Anderson, Bill Morrison, Norma Morrison, Brenda Sanford, Donna Meade, Richard and Betty Blincoe, Terry Sanford, Bene Beaver, Joey Bryant, Kevin Gebhart, Ralph Martini, Larry and Carla Blincoe, Kim Hansen, Rodney and Amber Blincoe, Davis and Karen Vansant, Jon Anderson, Robert Moore, Doug Manning, Russell Smith, Mark Mitton, and Paul Aston.


Meeting Conducted by Council President Dee Ray Bailey.


Pledge of Allegiance led by Council President Dee Ray Bailey.


Approve Minutes of the Council Meeting on March 26, 2008.

Motion by Cleo Gallegos to approve the minutes for the Council Meeting on March 26, 2008 as written. Second by Rocky Baker. Vote: Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Dee Ray Bailey - Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye.


Approve paying the Bills.

Motion by Rocky Baker to approve paying the bills. Second by Cleo Gallegos. Vote: Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Dee Ray Bailey - Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye.


Public Hearing Regarding Blincoe Farms Annexation and Zoning.

Paul Aston informed the Council that the Annexation started with a petition from Blincoe Farms and Terry and Brenda Sanford. The application was a two-fold application. One is an application for annexation and the second application is for a zoning classification. If you annex an area then you also have to designate a zone. Their application requested either commercial general or industrial light zoning. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommendion was to annex the property and designate the zoning as Commercial General.


How I recommend you first let the applicant or their representative speak and make their presentation. At that time if you have any questions you can ask them at that time. Second turn the time over to anyone who is in support of the application. Third open the time up to those who are neutral. Fourth turn the time over to those who are in opposition of the application. Finishing it up with the applicant being able to answer questions and make rebuttal comments. Also, after you close the hearing you can receive no new testimony, so make sure everyone has had their chance to speak. Do you have any questions of me? 


Council President Dee Ray Bailey: No Planning and Zoning reported to us what their recommendations were on March 12, 2008 Council Meeting, so we can proceed from here.


Council President Dee Ray Bailey opened the Hearing with Mr. Blincoe , the Sanford’s and their representative.


Don Chisholm: Representing Blincoe Farm Inc. President of the Council, I noticed on the sign in sheets there is a limit of two minutes on each speaker. I wondered if I could take a little longer?


Dee Ray Bailey: Take your time. That was a suggestion.


Don Chisholm: Blincoe Farm Inc. a family farm incorporation the family has been farming the property in question for approximately one hundred years. The original homestead of Richard Blincoe’s father. Basically on the 300 south road. Richard and Betty Blincoe are here, Larry and Carla Blincoe, son and daughter Rodney Blincoe and Brenda Blincoe. Larry and Carla Blincoe’s son and daughter. They all have an interest in this property and seeing that it is put to good use. They certainly know the property better than anyone else in either of the two counties. We are not here to debate the question of whether Burley or the Mini-Cassia area should or should not have this airport. We are going to let that debate be handled by others. We are not opposed to their being a new airport, but we are very opposed to a very bad choice for the location of the airport which will impede the growth and the development of Minidoka County and the Mini-Cassia area and will impede the tax base of Minidoka County. It will also inhibit the growth of the City of Heyburn. If you drive this area as much as many of us do and you drive that freeway you know that this property can eventually become prime industrial or commercial property. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to envision that at some point a Napa Auto Mall might occupy that premises instead of an airport which will have no commercial display value what so ever and which will stand in the way of normal growth and development which may even prove this economic community in which we live. Now, there is a flaw in the planning process, in my mind. Back in 1991 I wrote a letter to the Mayors and Council and the County Commissioners of the two counties and we have way too much government and too little actual planning and I still believe that to be true. At that time I suggested maybe we needed a new airport and that the site present airport would make a great industrial plant site. But I suggested that they get a location for instance out west of Paul. Back at that time land was cheap by comparison. If the process had gone forward in the normal way that processes operate the governmental unit that was interested in acquiring the property would get an option on the property and then go about the planning and eventually if the plans were approved and the bond was passed or whatever the financing was could exercise the option of buying the property and move forward. This process is crazy in my mind. We start off with a committee trying to decide where would be a good place to put a airport. From the standpoint of aeronautics they look at different sites and say this would be a good place to have an airport. That doesn’t take into account the other things that need to be taken into account when you are planning the community and so what we have is thousands and thousands of dollars, many man hours having been spent selecting a site, doing planning and things like that for a site that is totally inappropriate.  Now this planning process started back ten or eleven years ago. Things have changed.  There is no question about that but we are talking about a decision that would be a one hundred year decision, at least. If we put an airport out there on that property it is going to have things botched up for at least a hundred years until someone decides it needs to be moved somewhere else. That doesn’t sound like a good idea so the Blincoe family would like to farm this property for as long as they possibly can. It is inevitable that at some point this property will change. But they are taxpayer citizens. They have there farming operation based in this general vicinity. These 320 acres plus the home where Terry and Brenda Sanford live. That is part of the property they would like to keep intact for as long as they possibly can. If it is going to change for different use they would like to have it changed to the use that would be more productive use that would benefit everyone instead of benefiting a certain narrow part of the population. It could just as well be served by a new airport at a different location. The Blincoe family believes it is in the best interest of the City of Heyburn and the taxpayers of the Minidoka County that this property be annexed and zoned for commercial general purposes so that when the development comes to this property it develops in a way that it benefits everyone and not just get tied up in used as an airport. Thank You.


Council President Dee Ray Bailey opened up the hearing for comments for annexation.


Comments For Annexation:

John Walsh:  I have a prepared statement Mr. Acting Mayor and Council.  I’m John Walsh and I live in Burley.  To the City Council, City Clerk, thank you for permitting me to speak.  I’ve spent considerable time reading and analyzing published statements made by proposed supports for the airport planned by Burley.  As for these few minutes, I’ll restrict myself to commenting on statements made by Burley Mayor Jon Anderson, Administrative Assistant Mark Mitton, and former City Councilman Don Dean.  I believe that I have found only discrepancies and evasions in the public statements are those that are intentional and lack of candor.  Consequently I urge you to approve the annexation before you.  Don’t think for one minute that your action will nix Burley’s planned airport.  Here’s why.  The FAA will not fund 95 to 97% of the total cost to build this planned airport.  It will, however, pay approximately 97% of certain demanded proximate features of the airport.  After years of dissembling statements about FAA funding, Mayor Anderson came partially clean with us on April 1st.  I at first thought that he was intentionally playing an April Fool’s Joke by admitting that the proposed airport could and probably would exceed FAA funding and if that happened, concentrated efforts would have to be made to secure additional funding, low-balled by Mayor Anderson at $5 million dollars.  But Mayor Anderson, if traditional funding could not be raised, hereby raising taxes the airport would not be built.  In effect then, Burley does not yet have a viable plan for the building and funding of its airport, but yet it wants to pirate private property in Minidoka County for what is still a pipedream.  Burley’s current airport is not in danger of being declared obsolete or closed by any authority, not even the FAA or Homeland Security except by Burley, except and it appears to me that Burley is itching to do just that, thus benefiting Burley but not the owners of the pirated property.  Former Councilman Don Dean argued that businesses would not move here unless Burley had a bigger and better airport.  He must have missed the fact that businesses he talked to with and asked about airports have moved here without any promises of a bigger and better airport.  Also to my knowledge no current users of Burley’s airport have threatened to move unless a new airport is built.  The argument that the Minidoka landowners should think of the greater good and give up their property is without merit.  It is easy to suggest such an argument when one’s own property is not affected.  It’s my opinion that Burley needs to more closely examine its position.  If annexation takes place, Burley can still proceed with incomplete planning except that it would have to pay the market price for the property.  Burley also needs to concentrate on this newfound belief that it can turn formally vivacious self-interest increasing idealism by working amiably with representatives from both counties and the effected communities.  I urge you to annex this property.  Thank you.


Joey Bryant:  I’m Joey Bryant. I live at 701 West Larue in Heyburn and I support the annexation of that area. Several years ago I was on every doorstep from 650 West to 850 West from 250 South to 450 South. The general consensus was all the people in that community. The homeowners, the tenants, the general consensus was their identity belonged with Heyburn and that is where they wanted to be considered a part of. They would like to be in your impact area. I’m certain they all support Mr. Blincoe in his plans to be annexed into Heyburn and I think that it’s an important development for the City of Heyburn to move west. I don’t think that Heyburn needs to be boxed in. They need to have room for expansion in that direction. It is definitely an area that would have room for expansion. Thank You.


Mark Hawker: Good evening I appreciate the opportunity to speak here. I’m Mark Hawker at 700 West 361 South, south of the interstate. It strikes me that we are talking about private property rights here. I assume that Burley is threatening imminent domain situation, which I assume they have the power to do. This isn’t 1860 we’re not Navajos or Comanches this is just kind of an uncivilized way to do business. That’s the way I see it. Thank You.


Attorney Steve Tuft: Is there anybody here who is not comfortable with the title of being for or against the proposition. They don’t want to be under that category but do have comments they would like to make. Is there anybody who fits that category? If so, now is the time that we would like to hear from you.


Comments Not For or Against:

Colonel Russell Smith: I’m with the Civil Air Patrol. I’ve been civil air patrol for ten years and we have a very important mission in this Mini-Cassia County. We have done search and rescue. We also help the Sheriff’s. Now I don’t know one way or the other. We just need an airport so that we can continue our mission. I don’t understand all the ramifications of moving the airport or Burley’s concern or the City’s concern. But we do need a central airport area because we also support, Kevin Gebhart the airport manager. We have seven airplanes throughout the State of Idaho that we do search and rescue. Kevin takes care of our maintenance and everything else throughout the state. We do a lot of mission with Minidoka County Sheriff and the Cassia County Sheriff and many other Sheriffs on search and rescue plus other areas we take care of all the missions of the Sheriffs in different counties. The reason I’m standing here is because we need an airport in central Idaho and Burley is probably the best location that we’ve had. Whether it’s over here or where ever else. If we loose the Burley airport we loose a lot of support in this area.


Council President Dee Ray Bailey asked if there was any one else. Hearing none he asked Mark Mitton to speak.


Comments Against Annexation:

Mark Mitton: Mark handed out a map of the two interstate interchanges.


City Attorney Steve Tuft: Asked Mark if this was a different map. Mark answered yes. Steve entered the map as Exhibit 6.


Mark Mitton: I have another map that shows the two interchanges off Interstate 80. One that enters into Burley/Heyburn and one that enters into Heyburn. As you can see from the aerial photo, which is a recent aerial photo, there is hundreds of thousands of acres around those two interchanges and between the two interchanges that could be developed as commercial property. With all the freeway frontage, some with lesser water problems than the proposed airport site. This is a proposed airport site, if annexed it would make that project very difficult to go forth on that site for many reasons. The probable increase in value. The zoning that was recommended by the Planning and Zoning does not allow for an airport, which is probably the biggest stumbling block in the way for it on that site. I don’t know if you read Mr. Gebhart’s letter to the editor. Mr. Gebhart is the fixed base operator here at the airport. He sells fuel, maintains planes, and paints planes. He is known as one of the best plane painters in the state. He has a great reputation. A lot of the people from Hailey that fly in will bring their planes over to Kevin for maintenance and repair. He has a thriving business there and he knows about our current airport and the aircraft industry. An airport is like a three way interchange. It gives you access to the airways, just as an interchange on the ground gives you access to the freeway. How would it be if we only had three way interchanges at Malta and Raft River on I-84 actually 86 because it splits and at Twin Falls. That would do nothing for commerce that would do nothing for the ability to grow and prosper and so it is with an airport it gives us access to the airport and it allows for that type of commerce that uses airport to prosper. The site that is proposed is in the environmental review process. I don’t know if you have ever been through a federal environmental review process. It takes up to a year sometimes longer depending on what they find there. We have asked them to stop that process until you make a determination as to what you are going to do because we don’t want to be spending money in an area that may not be a possibility. As part of the environmental assessment they look at all the issues that have been raised, high ground water, wetland and everything that has to be addressed in a federal process. They answer those with comments so every ____ we had one public scooping meeting on the environmental assessment. A lot of people came to make comments. They are reviewing those comments and they draft responses to those comments. The process has since been put on hold. I just encourage you to take a hard long look before you make this action tonight because it will impact where we can put an airport. To place an airport you have to have almost two miles just for the airport we are looking to replace. You have to have two miles at least a mile and a half up to two miles. There is probably no place that is convenient in the two county area to get that much space where no one is going to object to it. I can almost guarantee you any other site in the two county area where it is convenient to access both hospitals and why is that important? Because helicopters can’t be used all the time for life flight. In fact they are only used about 20 percent of the time for life flight. The big screen, life flight is about 80 percent out of the two hospitals. Because helicopters can’t fly in bad weather, they can’t fly in cold weather, they can’t be deiced. So that’s about six months out of the year that they can’t be used in this area. The other times of the year, if they’re not busy, they can be used. So the majority of the flights in and out of the Burley airport are life flights. Where they are taking patients to Boise or Salt Lake for emergency medical treatment or severe problems. If this site is eliminated for possible consideration we will have to move it further for one hospital or the other. Right now it’s in a location that is convenient for both hospitals. Obviously if you have a heart attack or something you need to get to a trauma care center quickly or accident time is of the essence. It actually saves lives. So that is one of the things that I would like for you to consider before you take any action. The other thing that is pointed out that there is a lot of commerce associated with an airport and the businesses that are coming in. We made no promises that we are going to have a new airport because it’s a process that we have to work through with the Federal Aviation Administration to get approved site. You have to have full environmental clearance before you can purchase any property. That’s why there is not a plan and as far as you can go is environmental assessment before you have an approved site. We been four years and about $200,000 to the point of the environmental assessment. These are just some of the things I would like for you to consider. I thank you for your time and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.


Burley Mayor Jon Anderson: Thank you Council President and Council for allowing us to be here this evening. I have a prepared statement but I don’t know that there is any reason to read it because I see Item #4 is to approve the ordinance so I think that we are wasting our time and that’s fine, but I just want you to know that I am speaking for myself anything I say also has to come from my position as Mayor of the City of Burley separate personally I am elected to do I cannot have two opinions on any issue.  One as an individual and one as a elected mayor.  I am not however speaking for the Burley City council as they have power I do not have.  They have a vote. The action though that you are proposing to take tonight to annex land that you may not be able to serve. Lands not in your Comprehensive Plan or your area of impact and that is annexation request that has been clearly identified at the planning and zoning meeting as being requested only to stop the City of Burley for using the site for an airport is in my opinion, short sited.  The Burley Airport selection site has been under study since 2003 and your actions to approve the request is taking several steps backward. In my opinion the effort that has been made by the cities in the area to cooperate for the betterment of the area.  I fully appreciate the efforts of the Blincoe family to stop the probable condemnation action of their ground and their homes.  Many times about talking to them and taking the actions of Mr. Chisholm indicated should have been taken however we have a person on our council who has told us that from the onset he didn’t feel that that was a wise choice for us to make.  We may not have done the correct thing.  It was stated in the planning and zoning hearing that they plan to farm this site for another eighty years.  They further stated that the ground was not for sale and had no plan to sell it in the future.  To continue to farm the ground, they do not need to have this site zoned anything but Agriculture and annexation of the ground with an Agricultural Zoning Designation in my opinion would be more appropriate.  I would appreciate having you provide a copy of your Finding of Facts for the action you are taking tonight.  That is a term Mr. Chisholm taught me many years ago and I would consider it appropriate to have your legal counsel read that Finding of Fact during this hearing. Thank you for this opportunity. 


Doug Manning:  Thank you Mr. Council President, Council members and others.  My name is Doug Manning 2213 Conant Drive, Burley, also involved in the economic development for the City of Burley.  We’d like you to consider one thing and I obviously oppose the annexation.  I do echo the sounds of Mr. Mitton and Mayor Anderson.  One thing I have a disagreement with, with Mr. Chisholm is I believe the airport is the fastest way to develop that part of the country economically with commercial growth and industrial growth.  You take a look at small, medium sized or large sized airports they seem to be magnets for that type of situation. Commercial businesses are attracted there. Industrial to locate close to there.  That in itself would aid increasing the tax base of the county and it would help pay for the development itself, as well. I think it would be a wise decision to check the annexation and let the process proceed and see where things fall out but that’s what I would state.  I would answer any questions regarding that.  I do almost on a daily basis talk to people in terms of commercial and industrial development and one of the questions always is what is your airport like and can we land jets.  We refer them to Twin Falls or Salt Lake or Boise and drive here. That is a consideration and concern for anyone dealing with it on an everyday basis. But I do believe an airport would be the best way to develop that property commercially and industrially. If I can answer any questions I would be happy to.   


Blincoe Rebuttal:

Don Chisholm: I don’t think that the folks that expressed their opinion on opposition to the annexation have articulated a reason why the petition for annexation should not be granted. The area that Burley needed for the new airport or a better airport, they haven’t provided justification for this site other than the fact that they have spent a couple a hundred thousand dollars in four years trying to analyze this site over the protest of the Blincoe family which have made numerous meetings that the City of Burley have held. That properties value to the taxpayers of Minidoka County, the taxpayers of the City of Heyburn is that it be used for something other than an airport. An airport can help the area in general but an airport in that location stymies the growth of Heyburn and the growth of this core area. We have all watched Burley develop out toward the freeway and Heyburn develop along the freeway. The freeway is the artery that brings most of the commerce to the area. An airport can be located in a number of places but the freeway is the life blood of the retail and commercial and industrial part of this area. So preserving that for that purpose is going to best suit the City of Heyburn and the people of Minidoka County and Cassia County. Thank you. 


City Attorney Steve Tuft: I asked Mr. Bailey our Council President for an opportunity during the hearing to make a couple of comments and they are as follows. I want to reiterate what the record consists of. The record consists of the documents that were brought to the Planning and Zoning Commission which include:


Exhibit #1            Area map from the Assessors office

Exhibit #2a            Petition for zoning Blincoe Farms

Exhibit #2b            Petition for zoning Terry and Brenda Sanford

Exhibit #3            Map submitted by Don Chisholm

Exhibit #4            Map submitted by Mark Mitton at the hearing

Exhibit #5a             Petition for annexation Blincoe Farms

Exhibit #5b             Petition for annexation Terry and Brenda Sanford

Exhibit 6             Map presented by Mark Mitton

Exhibit 7             Letter from Sharon Campbell


My question is: Are there any other documents that anyone believes should be part of the record of this proceeding? I am assuming that there are no other documents to receive.


Council President Dee Ray Bailey closed the hearing.


Steve Tuft: Before going to the process of approving the ordinance we need some discussion. You do have to have a basis for findings. I encourage you to go into some deliberations on the subject. 


Councilman Dee Ray Bailey: I feel like, personally, knowing the Blincoe family and knowing the land that they are talking about. Also, we have a parcel of land fairly close that has been in our family for ex-amount of years that has been commercially used. I feel like as a councilman myself where the Planning and Zoning has brought it to us with their approval and with the wish of the family that owns the property my feelings are that we should support the Blincoe family and their wishes, because they are the property owners, not the City of Burley. That is my feelings.


Councilwoman Cleo Gallegos: I am not beyond an airport. We have an airport over there and I would not want us to be without an airport. But I am thoroughly against taking somebody’s property when they don’t wish it and I don’t think Minidoka County is where Burley should be coming.


Councilman Rocky Baker: Myself, when Blincoe’s came to us several months back with their annexation request. I never heard that they were going to farm for 80 years. It was my understanding that they were going to farm until Larry was done and then as a family group whose involved in the corporation were going to decide what to do with the property. Personally, it is their decision to do with their property what they will. I’m not a fan of family imminent domain never have been and don’t think I ever will be. I think that this site has not been a good one and that is a personal opinion. I think Minidoka County and the cities in Minidoka County whenever given the opportunity to be involved in the process and I think that was a mistake on Burley’s part. I think if they would have involved us from the start we wouldn’t be here tonight. That is my opinion.


City Attorney Steve Tuft: Mr. President and members of the Council I encourage you to talk about and give your feelings as to how the annexation benefits the City of Burley and also your feelings about the zoning and why you think that zoning request is appropriate or what you believe the zoning should be.


Councilman Dee Ray Bailey: I feel like, well consequently I know how old Larry is because we are the same age, so I know he isn’t going to farm for eighty more years. He may have offspring that want to farm it for eighty more years, but nonetheless I feel like Commercial General gives them the opportunity for them to do something else with it. If that comes along then it’s something they can do with it other than agriculture.


Councilwoman Cleo Gallegos:  I support our Planning and Zoning I think that they do a tremendous job. So I support them 100 percent on their decision.


Councilman Rocky Baker: That is my thought too. I have agreed to support Planning and Zoning from the start and that was their decision as for what we should do. It just makes sense to me that Commercial General for their property being as close to the freeway exit as it is for commercial development in the future. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t do Commercial General.


Councilman Dee Ray Bailey: Also, I am not against an airport. I also think that Planning and Zoning took into account the things that the family wishes and the property owners wish.


Attorney Steve Tuft: The Ordinance that I prepared is simply because it is the form that I use to draft an Ordinance. It does indicate that the Council would adopt with one reading suspending the three readings, maybe there would be some wisdom going through all three readings. During that process I can prepare some draft findings and conclusions for the Council to review in the future meetings to look at. Once those are approved during the process of the readings upon the third reading if the Council wants to adopt the Ordinance. I’m not sure that there is any reason to move any faster than that. What are your feelings?


Councilwoman Cleo Gallegos: I would just as soon do it tonight in one reading. That’s my feelings on it.


Attorney Steve Tuft: What findings do you want me to put in the Ordinance?


Councilwoman Cleo Gallegos: That I agree with being zoned as suggested and we have discussed it long and hard it’s not just something that has been brought before us tonight. We have discussed this and to send the Blincoe’s back home for three more readings I think is way beyond necessary.


Attorney Steve Tuft: The City Council cannot take any comments on the merits of the petition but Paul maybe you could talk about the procedure of the adoption and requirements of findings.


Paul Aston: Basically with any decision you do with a Findings of Fact and a decision. In that Findings of Fact you declare what you have reviewed, what the facts are that you have been presented to you are, then you make some declarations like maybe we need to amend the comprehensive plan, area of impact to facilitate for this. You need to enumerate, list the things like the fact that this is a voluntary annexation. It is contiguous to the existing city limits. These are examples of things that need to be enumerated into your. Findings of fact that will be the basis for your adopting of the ordinance. Personally, I would make the recommendation that you have those prepared before adopting the ordinance. Your findings will enumerate basically most of the points that were presented in the testimonies, both opposition and the applicant then you ascertain your decision from that. 


Councilman Dee Ray Bailey: The property is contiguous and we do have water and sewer available already stubbed out right there at the end of the street. We have the availability to cover whatever they might do. This property was in our Impact Zone before this airport was first being talked about then it was taken out. It was supposed to have been put back in after two years, which they didn’t do. They said lets wait and see what the City of Burley wants to do. The Blincoe’s talked to us the first time about 3 months ago, basically. How many more things do we need to have in there to give us the process to move ahead?


Attorney Steve Tuft: My recommendation would be to, with your lead, Paul Aston and I would take the evidence as we have understood it prepare proposed findings and conclusions for the Council to review and approve and at that time consider the adoption of the Ordinance.


Attorney Don Chisholm: As an attorney I recognize the importance of having your decision backed up by the findings of fact supported by the record. I would conquer with the recommendation Mr. Tuft is making that he draft a proposed findings for you to review to reject or modify. I think that you will have a more orderly process if you do follow the advice of your counsel.  I think it is everyone’s interest well that that process be done so we are not creating automatic place of appeals. 


Approve Ordinance No. 507 Annexation and Zoning of Blincoe Farms.



Motion by Rocky Baker to read Ordinance No. 507 read by title only. Second by Cleo Gallegos. Call Vote: Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Dee Ray Bailey - Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye.


Attorney Steve Tuft read Ordinance No. 507 by title only.


Approve/Review Proposals for the Comprehensive Plan.

City Superintendent discussed with the Council the proposals from Civil Science and Terri Ottens the update of the comprehensive plan. Scott felt that both proposals were comparable or equal and felt we should go with the lowest price.


Paul Aston informed the Council that Terri Ottens has an extensive background in planning. Terri reviewed and updated the County Comprehensive Plan and were very pleased with the work she done.


Motion by Rocky Baker to approve the proposal from Terry Ottens for the Comprehensive Plan.  Second by Cleo Gallegos.  Vote:  Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Dee Ray Bailey - Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye. 


Approve April as Fair Housing Month - Linda Dayley.

City Clerk Linda Dayley said that part of the requirement for receiving Block Grant Funds for the wastewater project, the Fair Housing Proclamation declaring April, 2008 as Fair Housing Month needs to be signed and posted in a public place.


Motion by Cleo Gallegos to approve April as Fair Housing month.  Second by Rocky Baker.  Vote:  Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Dee Ray Bailey - Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye.


Amphitheater Summer Events - Earl Andrew

Earl Andrew presented a schedule of events for the summer for the amphitheater.

*July 4th a free concert with Marcus Meek.

*May 9th Ansel Brown Benefit Concert for the Childrens Miracle Network.

*July 27th Community Action Agency River Jam.


After discussion this item will be put back on the next agenda.


Executive Session for Litigation and Personnel Matters as Authorized by Idaho Code Section 67-2345.


Motion by Rocky Baker for an Executive Session for Litigation and Personnel Matters as authorized by Idaho Code Section 67-2345. Second by  Cleo Gallegos. Roll Call Vote: Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Dee Ray Bailey - Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye.


Council Meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 8:13 P.M.


Executive Session Minutes.

Council Present:

Cleo Gallegos, Dee Ray Bailey, and Rocky Baker.

Employees Present:

Scott Spevak, Steve Tuft, Linda Dayley and Earl Andrew.


The executive session commenced at 8:15 P.M. and ended at 9:00 P.M. The executive session consisted of a discussion of litigation and personnel matters. No decisions were made.


s/sDee Ray Bailey, Council President

s/sLinda L. Dayley, City Clerk/Treas.