March 11, 2015 City Council Minutes

 City of Heyburn Council Meeting
March 11, 2015
7:00 P.M.


An agenda may be amended after the start of a meeting upon a motion that states the reason for the amendment and states the good faith reason the agenda item was not included in the original agenda posting.




  1. Discuss/Approve Minutes of the February 25, 2015 Council Meeting & Public Hearing


  1. Discuss/Approve Paying the Bills 


  1. Accept Donation from DL Evans Bank for Riverside Playground Park Benches


  1. Riverside Playground Update – Greg Richins


  1. Confirm and Introduction of Heyburn Reserve Police Officers

            Joseph Ringle

            Gerald Burton


  1. Discuss/Approve Ordinance No. 576 – Clarify Procedure for Appointing Officials – First Reading


  1. Discuss/Approve Ordinance No. 575 – Pretreatment Program – First Reading - Greg Richins


  1. Discuss/Approve Setting the Public Hearing Date for the 2015-16 FY Budget – Deborah Hopkins


  1. Discuss/Approve 2015 Camp Host Services Agreement with Donna Schwartz


  1. Discuss/Approve Purchase of Auger for Waste Water Treatment Plant – Greg Richins


11. Discuss/Approve Professional Engineering Review Proposal for 20st Street Lift Station – Greg Richins


  1. Discuss/Approve Trench Box Purchase – Greg Richins


  1. Executive Session as per Idaho Code 67-2345(e) Matters of Commerce and (f) Litigation 










Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the above noticed meeting should contact the City of Heyburn at 941 18th Street two days prior to the meeting or call 679-8158.