June 6, 2013 Special Council Meeting Minutes

City of Heyburn Special Council Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2013

5:00 P.M.


Council Present:

Rocky Baker, Leann Smith, Joanne Justesen and Cleo Gallegos.   


Employees Present:

Greg Richins, Steven Tuft and Deborah F. Hopkins.   


Visitors Present: 



Meeting conducted by Mayor George A. Anderson.  Mayor Anderson welcomed everyone to the meeting.      


Discuss/Award Bid for Centennial Drive Refurbish – Greg Richins

City Superintendent Greg Richins reviewed the quotes received for the refurbish of Centennial Drive with the work being done at night.  He recommended the job be awarded to Kloepfer, Inc. in the amount of $79,464.45.  He stated Kloefer, Inc. would be able to start on the project the week of June 10, 2013. 


Motion by Rocky Baker to accept the bid from Kloepfer for the Centennial Drive Refurbish in the amount of $79,464.45.  Second by Leann Smith.  Vote:  Rocky Baker – Aye; Leann Smith – Aye; Cleo Gallegos – Aye; Joanne Justesen - Nay.  Councilwoman Justesen requested to go on record indicating her “Nay” vote was because of her concern of not being in compliance with purchase protocol in that a third bid was not received.  Councilwoman Justesen stated she did agree that the surfacing should be done. 


The council meeting ended at 5:25 PM.



George A. Anderson                                       Deborah F. Hopkins

Mayor                                                              City Clerk