November 28, 2007 Agenda

 City of Heyburn Council Agenda

November 28, 2007

7:00 P.M.


1. Approve Minutes of the Council Meeting on November 11, 2007.


2. Approve paying the Bills.


3. Approve Expense Allocation for the RV Park.


4. Discuss/Approve Consent from the City of Heyburn to the Minidoka County School District for Use of the Public Right-of-Way to Lay Irrigation Lines for the New Heyburn School.


5.Discuss/Approve the Burch Developers Agreement.


6. Discuss/Approve Coast to Coast Building Permit


7. Discuss/Cancel December 26, 2007 Council Meeting


8. Mayor Time.


9.Executive Session for Litigation and Matters of Commerce.