March 19, 2018 Urban Renewal Agency Special Meeting Minutes

Heyburn Urban Renewal Agency
Regular Meeting
March 19, 2018

Chairman Lloyd opened the meeting at 11:07 am and asked if there were any changes to the agenda. None were presented


Chairman Lloyd asked if all had read the minutes of the February 5, 2018 meeting and if there were any corrections. No corrections were presented, Motion to approve by King, 2nd by Smith.  With no further discussion, motion was approved.


Regular meeting item of correspondence received, there had been no new correspondence since the last meeting.


Chairman Lloyd asked Mr. Tolman to provide a financial report and review bills to be paid.

      No new checks have cleared the bank during the past month.

                  Bank balance     January 1, 2018          $47,657.01

                                          January 31, 2018        $47,657.01

                  Bills Due:

                              Elam & Burke  Legal Services          $40.00


Chairman asked for discussion and approval. Smith motioned to approve, King 2nd,  Motion approved.


Chairman Lloyd asked for input on the draft of the Amended and Restated Bylaws. Mr. Tolman and Ms. Conrad reviewed the changes to the bylaws.    After minimal discussion motion to approve by King, 2nd by Smith, motion passed


Chairman Lloyd asked Mr. Tolman to read Resolution by title only, following the reading the chair asked for a motion to approve Resolution 2018-1 Bylaws - Review Amended and Restated By-laws adopting the bylaw changes, Motion to approve King, Smith 2nd.  Motion Passed


Chairman Lloyd asked if there were any from the public present that wanted to comment on the 2017 Annual Report; Consider resolution approving the 2017 annual report. None being present public comment was closed.  Chair asked for a motion to approve the 2017 Annual Report and file with the city and provide proper legal notice of the filing,  Motion to approve – Smith, 2nd King.  Motion Passed.  Chair instructed  Mr. Tolman to file said report and publish the legal notice.


Chairman Lloyd introduced Lloyd Smith, Mike Tilley, and Brian Tibbets who have requested assistance with an economic development project. They propose developing a business and industrial park to be called 208 Business Park located on highway 27 just south of Idaho Power and north of Kenworth.  They are requesting assistance with the development of water and sewer lines street paving, possibly street lighting to help move this project forward.  Discussion by the board included reviewing the history of proposed projects at this sight, none of which have come to pass but are willing to investigate the feasibility of helping with this project. City Administrator Tony Morley indicated the property would have to be re-platted and approved by the city for the development to move forward including working out title and legal descriptions with Idaho Power, having the city vacate certain roads on previously approved plats, and other aspects prior to fully developing the project.


Chair directed Mr. Tolman to request a timeline\checklist from legal counsel that could help guide the board and developers on how to proceed and estimated timelines for accomplishing the required elements of the urban renewal plan for this project. He also asked that the developers provide cost estimates of the project so the board can understand the scope of the project.



Adjourn at 12:18 PM