March 06, 2018 City Council Work Session Minutes

City of Heyburn Council Work Session Minutes
March 06, 2018
3:45 P.M.



Mayor: Mayor Cleo Gallegos.


Council Present: Chad Anderson, Dick Galbraith, Joanne Justesen, and Rose Schmitt.


Council Absent: None


Discuss City Council Meeting Time

City Attorney Paul Ross explained that the city council has the option of changing the times of their regularly scheduled council meetings. Due to the length of the agendas it may be time to reconsider the time in which regularly scheduled council meetings are being held. Mr. Ross stated if this is something the council is interested in exploring that it can be placed on a future council agenda for discussion and possible approval.


Discuss IT Service Options

City Administrator Tony Morley presented those present with options regarding IT Service. Mr. Morley stated the City received 4 proposals and is waiting on one more to come in for the council to consider at the next regularly scheduled council meeting, but wanted them to have time to review and ask questions prior to that meeting.


Those present discussed the options being presented.


City Clerk/Treasurer Annual Department Report to City Council

City Clerk/Treasurer Ashlee Langley provided those present with an update on the First Federal Credit Cards stating that the cards were in and everything seemed to be going well so far. Mrs. Langley also provided an update regarding the sweep account option that was presented to the council informing those present that this was not an option for the City at this time due to some internal issues at First Federal Bank. Mrs. Langley also discussed the Idaho Central Credit Union Business Promo CD stating that the CD expires August 2018. Mrs. Langley asked the council to start thinking of how they would like to handle the money that currently sits in that account. Mrs. Langley also presented worksheets showing the interest earned in all the Financial Institutions from October 2015 to current.


Discuss City Council Responsibilities

City Attorney Paul Ross reviewed city council responsibilities with those present. Mr. Ross covered confidentiality, ex parte contacts and how to be prepared to cover topics prior to the night of the council meeting.


Discuss Wastewater Facility Planning Study

City Administrator Tony Morley explored financial options to fund the improvements needed according to the Facilities Planning Study.  Mr. Morley suggested that the City doesn’t want to be shortsighted like the current wastewater bond where we are back in 10 years for another bond and the first isn't paid.  Mr. Morley stated the city needs to seriously improve its current situation with water, wastewater, and electric to prepare for the current development in the city as well as forecasted for the future.  Looking at a longer term goals rather than shortsighted fixes.


The council meeting adjourned at 5:01 PM.





Cleo Gallegos                                                       Ashlee Langley

Mayor                                                                 City Clerk/Treasurer