May 01, 2018 City Council Work Session Minutes

City of Heyburn Council Work Session Minutes
May 01, 2018
3:45 P.M.



Mayor: Mayor Cleo Gallegos.


Council Present: Chad Anderson, Dick Galbraith, Joanne Justesen, and Rose Schmitt.


Employees Present:

Tony Morley, Ashlee Langley, and Paul Ross. 


Discussion regarding Implementation of Heyburn Building Department and steps for moving forward.

City Administrator Tony Morley provided those present with an update on the implementation of the Heyburn Building Department. Mr. Morley stated that permit applications are starting to come into the office and Ernest Juarez will be handling those permits for the most part, but the Clerk’s Office has been trained on what permits are available and are allowed to hand those applications out if Mr. Juarez is not available.


Mr. Morley stated exciting things are happening in Heyburn and City Staff will keep the Council updated as things move forward.


Discussion regarding bond later this year, needs and planning for growth regarding water, waste-water, waste-water plant, and waste-water collection systems.
City Administrator Tony Morley provided those present with an update on the Wastewater Collections Plan stating the City has not received numbers from J-U-B Engineers, Inc. at this time. Mr. Morley explained that in order for the City to know how to move forward with fiscal year 2018-19 budget projections, bonding, and other needed planning those numbers are essential.  Council encouraged applying pressure to J-U-B to fulfill their commitment to the city regarding the study in a timely fashion.


Mr. Morley asked the city council to be thinking of the future vision of the City and where they would like to see it go. Those present discussed impact zone areas and utility service line extensions.


Executive Session

Pursuant to Idaho Code 74-206(1)(f) to communicate with legal counsel for the public agency to discuss the legal ramifications of and legal options for pending litigation, or controversies not yet being litigated but imminently likely to be litigated. The mere presence of legal counsel at an executive session does not satisfy this requirement.


Mayor Cleo Gallegos did not allow time for executive session.





Mayor Gallegos asked for a motion to adjourn the work session.


Motion by Joanne Justesen to adjourn the work session.  Second by Chad Anderson.  Roll-Call Vote:   Chad Anderson – Aye; Dick Galbraith – Aye; Joanne Justesen – Aye; Rose Schmitt – Aye.




The work session adjourned at 4:57 PM.





Cleo Gallegos                                                       Ashlee Langley

Mayor                                                                 City Clerk/Treasurer