April 03, 2018 City Council Work Session Minutes

City of Heyburn Council Work Session Minutes
April 03, 2018
3:45 P.M.



Mayor: Mayor Cleo Gallegos.


Council Present: Chad Anderson, Dick Galbraith, Joanne Justesen, and Rose Schmitt.


Employees Present:

Tony Morley, Ashlee Langley, and Paul Ross. 


Presentation from Idaho Central Credit Union

Angela Hickmon, Business Relationship Officer, Carlos Virrueta, Burley Branch Manager, and Deanna Turner, Business Relationship Manager for Idaho Central Credit Union provided information to the city council in regards to the Business Promo CD that will be reaching its maturity date as of August 14, 2018. Those present discussed options to reinvest monies and terms in which they would do that in including a one-time forgiveness to transfer funds out of the CD with no penalty. The representatives from Idaho Central Credit Union asked questions in order to put a formal proposal together to bring back for the council’s consideration at a regularly scheduled council meeting.


Those present thanked the Idaho Central Credit Union representatives for taking the time to meet with them and discuss options to maximize earnings for the future of the city.


Presentation from Eminent Technical Solutions for IT Service

Scott Barrett, Chief Operating Officer and Jacob Johnson, Lead Engineer for Eminent Technical Solutions presented information to those present in regards to the IT proposals presented at the March 14, 2018 Council Meeting. Mr. Johnson provided a quick overview of the proposals and opened the time up for questions from the city council.


After discussion, those present thanked Scott Barrett and Jacob Johnson for their presentation and the opportunity to discuss their proposals further.


Discuss Future Plans of the City

Mayor Cleo Gallegos did not allow time for discussion on Future Plans of the City. This will be placed on a future agenda due to time constraints.



Mayor Gallegos asked for a motion to adjourn the work session.


Motion by Joanne Justesen to adjourn the work session.  Second by Dick Galbraith.  Roll-Call Vote:   Chad Anderson – Aye; Dick Galbraith – Aye; Joanne Justesen – Aye; Rose Schmitt – Aye.



The work session adjourned at 5:19 PM.





Cleo Gallegos                                                       Ashlee Langley

Mayor                                                                 City Clerk/Treasurer