January 30, 2018 Planning & Zoning Minutes

City of Heyburn
 Planning & Zoning Commission Special Meeting
January 30, 2018
3:30 P.M.



Call Meeting to Order:

Planning & Zoning Vice Chairman Maureen Newton called the meeting to order at 3:37 p.m.


Declaration of a Quorum:                                

A declaration of a quorum present was confirmed by Vice Chairman Maureen Newton.


Discuss/Approve the Minutes of the August 31, 2017 Planning & Zoning Meeting & Public Hearing & Continuation of Public Hearing.

Motion by Heather Petersen to approve the minutes of the August 31, 2017 Planning and Zoning Meeting & Continuation of Public Hearing as presented. Second by Glen Loveland. Vote: Maureen Newton – Aye; Heather Petersen – Aye; Glen Loveland – Abstained.


Planning & Zoning Workshop

City Planning & Zoning Administrator Tony Morley congratulated those present on their appointment to the Heyburn Planning & Zoning Commission and presented a workshop regarding the roles and responsibilities of the Planning & Zoning Commission.


During the workshop Mr. Morley showed the commission how to locate city codes on the City of Heyburn website and which chapter that they will be working with the most during their meetings; which is Title 8, Zoning. Mr. Morley briefly went through each chapter and section to explain what is in each section that pertains to the Planning & Zoning Commission.


When the commission reached the section on Conflict of Interest, Mr. Morley asked City Attorney Paul Ross if he would explain the legal side of Conflict of Interest. Mr. Ross explained and used a few examples.


Mr. Ross reviewed conflicts of interest and considering interactions and relationships between parties. Members of the council should question themselves, each other, and raise questions early in any process.  Council members do not receive compensation and should avoid appearance of receiving payment or benefit from any party.  Mr. Morley pointed out that council interactions should not benefit third parties either, relatives, business associates, etc.


Mr. Ross also encouraged parties to report and rebuff any who might approach a council member to buy or gain influence. Could be a crime.  Be open and disclose.  Mr. Morley emphasized that conflict of interest is also based on perception.  Avoid any perception of wrong-doing.  Some easily get the wrong idea.


Mr. Ross continued and explained the confidence held by council members. Confidential information is held by the person and cannot and should not be disclosed without consent from the city.  Also, in all interactions, avoid taking a position in discussion.  Listen to concerns, indicate to raise the concerns with the council, but do not make commitments.  Also, avoid conversation with each other outside of meeting. 



Vice Chairman Maureen Newton asked for a motion to adjourn.


Motion by Heather Petersen to adjourn the meeting. Second by Glen Loveland. Vote: Maureen Newton – Aye; Heather Petersen – Aye; Glen Loveland – Aye.


The meeting adjourned at 4:48 PM.





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Maureen Newton, Vice Chairman                                        Rhonda Kluzik, Recording Secretary