May 9, 2012 City Council Minutes

City of Heyburn Council Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2012

7:00 P.M.


Council Present:

Rocky Baker, Cleo Gallegos, Leann Smith and Joanne Justesen.   


Employees Present:

Greg Richins, Steven Tuft, Dan Bristol, and Deborah Hopkins.     


Visitors Present: 

Rose Schmitt, Ray Bingham, Rob Ramsey, and Leisel Snyder.


Meeting conducted by Mayor George A. Anderson who led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mayor Anderson then informed those present that Item No. 3 - Discuss/Approve Tier 2 Vintage Rate Contract No. 12PS-10041 with BPA – Ralph Williams has been moved to the May 23, 2012 council meeting. 


Approve Minutes of the April 25, 2012 Council Meeting

Motion by Rocky Baker to approve the minutes of the April 25, 2012 council meeting as presented.  Second by Joanne Justesen.  Vote:  Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Joanne Justesen - Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye.  Leann Smith – Aye.


Discuss/Approve Paying the Bills

Motion by Cleo Gallegos to approve paying the bills as presented.  Second by Joanne Justesen.  Vote:  Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Joanne Justesen - Aye; Leann Smith – Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye.  


Discuss/Approve Engineering Firm for Water/Waste Water Engineering Study – Greg Richins

Superintendent Richins reviewed the rating system for the Water/Waste Water Engineering study requests.  Based on his recommendations along with those of his lead department heads, he recommended the City of Heyburn hire Civil Science to perform the studies.  He also briefly explained the process would consist of evaluating the sewer collection system to determine what shape it is in; determining what is being processed now and to what level the system can be expanded; and presentation of how the study is to be conducted with a dollar estimate to complete the study.  Superintendent Richins also stated that by having the engineering study in place it could possibly help in the future to secure grants because the City would be taking a proactive stance. 


Motion by Leann Smith to approve hiring Civil Science to conduct the Water/Waste Water Engineering Study.  Second by Cleo Gallegos.  Vote:  Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Joanne Justesen - Aye; Leann Smith – Aye; Rocky Baker - Aye. 






Discuss/Approve Hiring Summer Grounds Crew – Greg Richins

City of Heyburn Superintendent Greg Richins stated the interviews for filling the current vacancies for the summer mow crew have been concluded.


Superintendent Richins informed the councilmembers that he had recommended to Mayor Anderson the hiring of Debbie Heinze and Jovan Guadarrama.  Mayor Anderson asked for council approval to hire Debbie Heinze and Jovan Guadarrama at a starting wage of $9.00 per hour beginning May 14, 2012 for Debbie Heinze and after graduation for Jovan Guadarrama.  All council members approved.


New Staff Introduction

Heyburn Police Chief Dan Bristol introduced Jake Taft, the new Heyburn Police Officer to the Mayor and council members.  Officer Taft was welcomed by all those in attendance. 


Executive Session for Matters of Personnel and Litigation

Motion by Cleo Gallegos to go into executive session for matters of personnel and litigation as per Idaho Code 67-2345 (e) and (f).  Second by Joanne Justesen.  Roll Call Vote:  Cleo Gallegos – Aye; Rocky Baker – Nay; Leann Smith – Aye; Joanne Justesen – Aye.


Executive Session Minutes.

Council Present:

Cleo Gallegos, Rocky Baker, Leann Smith, and Joanne Justesen.


Employees Present:

Steven Tuft, Deborah Hopkins, and Greg Richins.


Guests Present:



Meeting conducted by Mayor George A. Anderson. The topics were a matter of personnel and a matter of litigation.  These matters were discussed with the mayor, council members and staff present.  Executive Session began at 7:26 PM and concluded at 7:49 PM.  No decisions were made. 


The council meeting returned to open session.  


Budget Work Session

The council members, mayor, and staff present worked on the FY 2012-13 budget.  This discussion centered on the Police Department Budget and general discussion regarding expected revenues and upcoming projects. 


The council meeting ended at 8:45 PM. 




George A. Anderson                                       Deborah F. Hopkins   

Mayor                                                              City Clerk