August 27, 2012 Heyburn URA Special Meeting Minutes

Heyburn Urban Renewal Agency Special Meeting Minutes

August 27, 2012 – 11:00 AM


Members Present:  Dan Lloyd, Ken Luke, Brent Tolman, and Greg Richins. Ralph Williams and Clayton King – excused.


Meghan Conrad and Matt Parks from Elam & Burke attended by telephone.


Guests Present:  James Wyatt, Stephanie Merrigan, David Price, Chris Hunsaker, and Jack Hunsaker. 


Vice-Chairman Dan Lloyd welcomed everyone to the meeting. 


Approval of Minutes

Motion by Brent Tolman to approve the minutes of the August 8, 2012 Meeting.  Second by Ken Luke.  All Aye votes.


Approval of Expenditures and Present Bills for Approval to the City

Motion by Ken Luke to approve the bill from Elam & Burke for $220 to be submitted to the City of Heyburn for payment.  Second by Brent Tolman.  All Aye votes.


Conduct Public Hearing on the Proposed Amended Budget for FY 2012

Vice-Chairman Dan Lloyd opened the public hearing on the Proposed Amended Budget for FY 2012. 


Hearing no comments, Vice-Chairman Lloyd closed the public hearing. 


Consider the Amended Budget Resolution for the FY 2012 Budget 

Motion by Brent Tolman to adopt Resolution No. 2012-4 for the FY 2012 Budget.  Second by Ken Luke.  Roll Call Vote:  Dan Lloyd – Aye; Brett Tolman – Aye; Ken Luke – Aye;


Conduct Public Hearing for FY 2013 Budget

As there was an issue regarding the legal publication of the proposed budget, this item has been postponed until confirmation of the publication dates can be made.  At that time, the URA will be holding a special meeting.


Consider the Budget Resolution Approving the FY 2013 Budget

There was no action taken on this item. 


Update on the Northwest Industrial Project, status of improvement costs and development


Chris Hunsaker, David Price, Jack Hunsaker, and James Wyatt presented for discussion a request for additional tax increment dollars to cover construction costs associated with a change order.  This item was discussed and it was decided to defer to the City of Heyburn for review before coming back to the Heyburn Urban Renewal Agency. 


Update on Status of Second Project Area

There was no representation from the Second Project Area present at the meeting. 


Follow-up on Administrative Services

Vice-Chairman Dan Lloyd formally welcomed Stephanie Merrigan to the meeting.  The committee answered her questions and provided additional insight to working the URA.  Ms. Merrigan informed the committee she will be taking some additional time before committing to this position.  The committee thanked her for her interest and stated they would be looking forward to hearing from her. 


Member Resignation

Ken Luke stated this would be the last Heyburn Urban Renewal Meeting he would be attending.  He informed those present he has taken a job out of state and will be moving.  Vice-Chairman Dan Lloyd thanked Ken for his contribution to the committee and best wishes in his new job.  Members present discussed the proper procedure to replace a committee member.  This item will be on the next meeting agenda. 



There being no other business Vice-Chairman Dan Lloyd adjourned the meeting.  The next meeting date has been tentatively set for September 10, 2012, pending publication dates. 



Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

/s/ Brent Tolman