August 8, 2012 Special City Council Minutes

City of Heyburn Council Special Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2012

5:30 P.M.


Council Present:

Cleo Gallegos, Joanne Justesen and Leann Smith.   Rocky Baker arrived at 5:57 PM. 


Employees Present:

Greg Richins, Dan Bristol, and Deborah Hopkins.   


Visitors Present: 



Meeting conducted by Mayor George A. Anderson. 


Budget Work Session

Those present worked on the 2012-13 FY budget.



Motion by Leann Smith to approve a $6,000 per year raise for the City Superintendent, and all other employees a 50 cent per hour raise with the exception of the Fire Marshall to be given a 25 cent per hour raise with the other 25 cents to come from the Minidoka County Fire Protection District.  Second by Cleo Gallegos.  Roll Call Vote:  Cleo Gallegos - Aye; Rocky Baker - Nay.  Leann Smith – Aye; Joanne Justesen - Nay.  Mayor Anderson broke the tie by voting Aye.  Motion carried. 



The council meeting ended at 6:35 PM. 








George A. Anderson                                       Deborah F. Hopkins   

Mayor                                                              City Clerk