December 18, 2014 Special URA Meeting Minutes

Heyburn Urban Renewal Agency Special Meeting Minutes

December 18, 2014 – 9:00 AM


Members Present: Dan Lloyd, Clayton King, Brent Tolman, Ralph Williams (via telephone), and David Nebeker.  Rhonda Kluzik and Greg Richins from the City of Heyburn. 


Guests Present via Telephone:  Ryan Armbruster - Counsel for the Agency, Jeff Poulsen


Other Guests:  Roy Belnap and Andrew Deskins


Chairman Ralph Williams welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked if there were any changes to the agenda.    There being none, Chairman Williams proceeded with the meeting. 


Motion to change the agenda to approve paying the bill from Elam & Burke and discussion of House Bill 560 by Brent Tolman. Second by David Nebeker. All Aye votes.


Discuss/Approve the November 17, 2014 Special Meeting and Public Hearing Minutes

Motion by Brent Tolman to approve the November 17, 2014 special meeting and public hearing minutes.  Second by David Nebeker.  All Aye votes.


Accept/Decline Terrorism Coverage – ICRMP

Motion by David Nebeker to decline the Terrorism Coverage as offered by ICRMP for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year. Motion seconded by Brent Tolman. All Aye votes.


Discuss Lebsack Agreement & Approve Principal Amount of Note

Jeff Poulsen reviewed the expenses for the Magic Valley Business Park. Motion by Clayton King to approve the Principal Amount of Note of $ 507,296.96. Second by David Nebeker. All Aye votes


Discuss/Approve Elam & Burke

Motion by Dan Llyod to approve paying the following bills for the Heyburn URA:


                        Elam & Burke:                                               $351.50



Motion seconded by Clayton King.  All Aye votes. 


Discuss House Bill 560

Briefly discussed the House Bill 560.


Meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM.