About Us


The Heyburn Police Department provides 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to all properties in the City of Heyburn limits. Police officers work various shift hours to ensure there is always police protection for our city. Our officers respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service, investigate criminal activities, enforce state law and city ordinances, conduct proactive patrols on all city streets, and enforce traffic laws. Due to the size of our agency, our patrol officers also handle their own investigations including interviews, evidence collection and submission. We hope to add a full time Detective to the ranks of the police department in the future as Heyburn grows.  


The Heyburn Police Department is tasked with enforcing the municipal ordinances of the City including junk vehicles, and abatement of noxious weeds.  Our goal with code enforcement is to have a cohesive and compliant resolution that does not result in citations or a court ordered abatement process.  However, when needed the police department may route non-compliant problem properties through the civil abatement process and issue citations in the best interest of health and safety of our city. Our City Codes can be read online, by clicking here



The police department does not pick up or transport stray dogs.  However, we do have assistance from the city public works staff, who will pick up and transport stray dogs to the joint powers animal shelter. The police department responds to all life safety hazards involving animals including animals threatening people, dog bites, etc.  Additionally, the police department enforces the ordinances regarding dogs at large, dangerous dogs in the city, and nuisance dogs that bark and or howl continuously that disrupt a neighborhood.   



The Heyburn Police Department follows the guidelines of Idaho State Code Title 74.  All requests for public records must be made on the proper form. After consultation with the city attorney, the police chief has the final authority on whether documents are to be released and what redactions are necessary.  For more information about Records including requesting copies of reports, please refer to our Records page. 



The Heyburn Police Department maintains and secures all evidence, found property, safekeeping property for court presentation or until the property can be returned to the rightful owner or legally destroyed. Refer to our Property page for further information regarding reclaiming property. 


Police Chief
Ryan Bertalotto