November 15, 2017 Special Council Meeting Minutes

City of Heyburn
Special Council Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2017
5:30 P.M.




Mayor: Mayor Cleo Gallegos.


Council Present: Chad Anderson, Dick Galbraith, and Joanne Justesen.


Employees Present:

Tony Morley, Paul Ross, Rhonda Kluzik, Charity Salazar, Debra Encinas, Anson Parke, Eric Christensen, Dan Bristol, and Ashlee Langley.


Visitors Present:

Larraine Kluzik, Ronald Kluzik, Ronald Davis, Edward Gemar, Amber Christensen, Newell Justesen, Heather Petersen, Jody Galbraith, Kirby Harkness, Laurie Welch, Jeffrey Dahdah, and Rose Schmitt.


Welcome & Pledge

Meeting conducted by Mayor Cleo Gallegos who welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Mayor Gallegos asked Police Chief Dan Bristol to lead those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Resolve Tie for Council Position by Coin Flip

Mayor Gallegos turned the time over to City Attorney Paul Ross and City Clerk Ashlee Langley to resolve the tie for council position by a coin flip.


City Attorney Paul Ross stated the November 7, 2017 resulted in a tie between incumbent Dick Galbraith and Glen Loveland, and in order to resolve that tie, the City Clerk must perform a coin flip. Mr. Ross recommended the candidates decide who will call it amongst themselves. Mr. Ross also recommended the City Clerk let the coin fall to the floor rather than catching it.


City Clerk Ashlee Langley asked both incumbent Dick Galbraith and Glen Loveland to join her in the center of the floor where she will conduct the coin flip to resolve the tie for council position.


Mrs. Langley asked the candidates if they had a chance to decide who will be heads and who will be tails.


Dick Galbraith stated that Glen Loveland agreed to let him call it, Glen Loveland confirmed he was fine with Dick Galbraith calling it.


Dick Galbraith called heads. Mrs. Langley asked both candidates to place stickers on the front of their shirts indicating their choice.


Mrs. Langley showed both sides of the coin to those present and asked the candidates to confirm that they are comfortable with the coin that will be used tonight.


Both candidates confirmed they were fine with the coin.


Mrs. Langley stated that on the count of three she will flip the coin. The winner will be determined by what is showing face up when the coin lands on the floor. Mrs. Langley asked both candidates if they understood and if they had any questions. Both candidates confirmed they understood and hearing no questions Mrs. Langley invited the public to join in as she counted to three and flipped the coin.


Mrs. Langley flipped the coin and the coin landed tails-up, granting the second seat for council to Glen Loveland.


Those present congratulated Glen Loveland on his victory.


City Clerk Ashlee Langley concluded the coin flip.


Discuss / Approve Concrete Retaining Wall at Villa Drive D-16 Drain

City Administrator Tony Morley stated that he received a bid in the amount of 36,900 with an epoxy bar and 33,900 without an epoxy bar to put in the concrete retaining wall at Villa Drive D-16 Drain before the weather changes.


After discussion, this item was tabled to try to obtain more bids.


Motion to Adjourn

Mayor Cleo Gallegos asked for a motion to adjourn.


Motion by Joanne Justesen to adjourn the council meeting.  Second by Chad Anderson. Roll-Call Vote:   Chad Anderson – Aye; Dick Galbraith – Aye; Joanne Justesen – Aye.



The council meeting adjourned at 5:46 PM.






Cleo Gallegos                                                   Ashlee Langley

Mayor                                                             City Clerk/Treasurer